Thursday, April 24, 2014



The world that we are living in today
Could possibly not be here tomorrow
And those who doubt God’s warning
Could soon be wallowing in sorrow

The bible says that only God knows exactly
What day His wrath will ravage the earth
And believers who know His Saving Grace
Know exactly how much that day is worth

God warned us in the New Covenant of wars
Rumors of wars earthquakes floods and such
If you don’t see these things happening now
I believe that you’re completely out of touch

I didn’t state that it would be imminent
Obviously only God will make that call
We know about yesterday and today
But not if tomorrow He’ll end it all

Your life on earth will not be a pleasant one
When the Lord finally chooses to show His Wrath
If you’re searching for some way out of this dilemma
I can tell you that it’s only by following God’s Path

The only way to do this is by professing that
Yeshua is the Messiah and is your Salvation
And for the forgiveness of your sin for you to
Enter God’s Kingdom with joy and jubilation

Although I can’t make this decision for you
I’ve pointed out what it is that you need to do
Surely you don’t want to befriend the devil
But God left that decision totally up to you

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