Thursday, April 10, 2014



If you watch TV for any length of time
You’ll see some plagiarism in the title
But it came from God’s Holy Spirit
To those sitting around being idle

I’m sure that this applies to much of the world
But Americans are the Lord’s Lat Stronghold
The Lord will bring the end time upon us sooner if
These ungodly situations should continue to unfold

Can I make you fathom this more clearly
God loves every person that He Created
It’s all the sinful things in your lifetime
That God our Father has always hated

The world we live in is controlled by satan but
He knows that the Lord is watching him as well
That’s why God wants you to walk in His Ways
The last place that He wants you to go is to hell

Father God wants you to get to know him better
Or even if you never knew the Lord before
That’s why I got this particular assignment
It’s just for you that He’s opening up the door

Get to know God by reading the complete bible
In the Book of Prophets it all leads to God’s Son
It takes you on an amazing journey that clearly shows
That messiah is a part of the Trilogy of the Holy One

The bible has all of the answers to any question that
You’ll ask throughout your entire life on earth
If you’re unable to find it just ask a Spiritual Leader
He will show you just how much God’s Word is worth

Lastly for a one way ticket to get into God’s kingdom
Confess your sins and accept the Lord as our Salvation
You’ll become a new creation that’s been born again
I pray that God fills your life with joy and jubilation

get youtr

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