Wednesday, March 29, 2017



Show me someone that obeys God's Laws
That person is walking in God's Path
Show me a person who scoffs at them
That person will surely see God's Wrath

Show me someone who believes in Yeshua
That person is guaranteed eternal life
Show me someone who does not believe
That person will only know infernal strife

Show me a person who understands that
The only way to the Father is through His Son
Show me a person who thinks it's by works
I'll prove that their chances are zero to none

Lord when You know that the time is right
Remove the blinders from their eyes
On the day that they see God's Light
They'll surely be in for a big surprise

Let them see that Yeshua is the only one that
Fulfilled all of the Old Testament Prophesies
Foretelling of the coming of the Jewish Messiah
And that only the Lord's Truth can set us all free

Show me that person who trusts in God's Word
That person will be saved or completed
When the armor of God fully surrounds them
The sins of the devil will always be defeated

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