Saturday, March 11, 2017



When people see my Star of David
Surprisingly they ask, "Are you a Jew?"
My response to them is a resilient,
"Yes, and I am a Messianic too."

If a gentile reads both Testaments
They know exactly what I said
But too many believers do not know because
They 're taught that the Old Testament is dead

That's one reason for our Outreach Ministry to
Explain that without the Old there would be no new
Because Yeshua and His Disciples
Were born and worshiped as a Jew

On the other side of this disagreement
Is the Jew who tells me that I am not
It has been ingrained in them for centuries
Much like a brain washing or a sinister plot

If they truly had an open mind and read
every prophecy that would take place
Only Yeshua fulfilled every one of them
His blood brought hope for the human race

G-ohas given each of us a brain to think
He also gave us the free will to choose
If an unbeliever accepts Him as Messiah
It's a guarantee that they will not lose

For only then will they know the truth
That the Word of God has set them free
MessiahYeshua said, "There’s only way to our Father
In Heaven and that is by professing your belief in Me."

Jews and Gentiles Can worship the Lord together
For the God that they worship is one and the same
He is Father Son and the Holy Spirit
We Bless and Praise His Holy Name

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