Thursday, April 13, 2017



You all know the story about when Moses
Told Egypt's pharaoh to let God's People go
And because he had a very hardened heart
Pharaoh's responded with a resounding no

So God brought many plagues upon Egypt but
Pharaoh would not yield until the very last one
After ordering all of the Jewish first born slain
God did the exact same thing to pharaoh's son

Again after saying, "go" he changed his mind
And commanded his army to kill all that flee
God parted the water and they went safely across but
Pharaoh's army was swallowed up by the raging sea

God commanded the Jew to observe Passover each year
Years later Yeshua came so that we could know Salvation
And at a Passover seder which was to be his very last meal
This is what the Lord said to His disciples in conversation

Eat of this matzo for it is My Body that will be broken
Drink of this wine for symbolizes the blood I will shed
My Life will be forfeit so that my Father forgives all sin
Both turbulence and joy will you see in the years ahead

This is the very reason that we celebrate communion
Remembering the Lamb of God and the fate He met
And why all believers tell of that fateful day
During Passover so that we will never forget

The day is coming when the Lord will return to earth
I believe that we are a part of this end time generation
Those who are lifted up and pass through Heaven's gates
Have been bestowed with the Lord God's Eternal Salvation

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