Thursday, March 12, 2015



Last week we celebrated Purim the story of Esther
If you aren’t familiar with the story I’ll explain it
God is never mentioned in this chapter but He is
Working behind the scenes for the Jew’s benefit

The king was displeased as the queen
Had refused what he wanted her to do
So he sent a decree to his whole empire
To look for a queen that would be new

Esther’s Uncle Mordechai convinced her to try out
The king was so overwhelmed by all that she was
That he made her the Queen of his entire empire
Though God isn’t mentioned this is what He Does

The King’s Prime Minister was named Haman
Who hated Mordechai as well as all of the Jews
So he got the king to decree to kill all of them
This for the Jewish People was very bad news

Esther pleaded with the king to squash that decree
He loved her so much that he couldn’t refuse
And this is the particular part of the story
When the Jews of that time got the good news

Haman had built a gallows to hang Mordechai
But He was executed on that very same one
Mordichai would become the Prime Minister
Another victory that the Jewish people had won

Although God is never mentioned in this book
He always orchestrate things behind the scenes
If you still don’t understand the entire picture
I’ll explain to you precisely what God Means

All of the Jewish People are the Apple of God’s Eyes
God curses who curses them Blessing who blesses them
And although God is never mentioned in the Book of Esther
It’s about the behind the scenes things that He Does for them

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