Thursday, March 19, 2015



It was both the best and worst of times
Growing up during World War Two
If I had known then what I know now
I’d be a Godly Creation born anew

But this blessing was never mine to choose
For God is in total control of our destiny
Waiting until just before I was sixty three
It Was His Time to set me Spiritually Free

It was just one of the things God gave to me
It literally changed me for my entire life
God wasn’t finished with me and still isn’t
Next he provided me a Godly Loving Wife

What is it that I’m I referring to here
It’s my accepting Yeshua as my Messiah
Asking forgiveness for my sins even daily
God filled my Soul with Spiritual Desire

If you don’t already know Messiah Yeshua
Now could be God’s Time for you as well
The last thing you need to happen to you
Is being with satan in the depths of hell

You don’t have to do it with a clergyman
What’s being said is between God and you
But it’s also good to share with congregants
For even they feel the blessing when you do

It’s really very simple as I explained earlier
Just declare Yeshua as Messiah in your life
Apologize for all the sins that you committed
You become a creation born anew free of strife

There’ll be so many more blessings in your life
You’ll experience new ones each and every day
The most important blessing that there is is to
Thank God in your praise and when you pray

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