Thursday, March 19, 2015



I’ve seen much advancement in my lifetime
Mostly for greater good but some not so
As we as a nation over two hundred years
Continue on our path to evolve and grow

I’ve heard it said that any democracy doesn’t
Last for longer than about two hundred years
We’re made it almost two hundred and forty
Despite those who may have had doubts or fears

The reason that we’ve been around so long is
That we were formed under God’s protection
I’m sad though that in the last several years
We’ve been heading in the wrong direction

Since the Lord God is All Seeing and All Knowing
We the nation’s people need to correct our path
Or suffer the fate like those other democracies
Whose demise was a direct result of God’s Wrath

There are so many changes that need to be made
Finding a Spiritual House of Worship would be first
Where God is the primary focus of the service and
The congregants rejoice with a hunger and thirst

However the plans we make are not God’s Plans
That means the Lord’s Decision is our destiny
What matters most is to receive God’s Salvation
To live a life that allows us to be Spiritually Free

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