Wednesday, March 25, 2015



There are many days when I don’t
Receive words from the Holy Spirit
Today just isn’t one of those days
Otherwise I wouldn’t be hearing it
I really haven’t a clue as to what it’s about
But God is telling me to go to the bible
Whatever is the chapter He Chooses and
Whatever it is He Chooses we’ll be liable

For the moment this poem is on hold
It seems that I need to take a break
When it comes to what God Wants
He never ever will make a mistake

In the Book of Romans God Says that He’ll
Have Mercy on those He Will and Will Not
He’s saying this to just you here and now
Wanting to remind you in case you forgot

Just how well is it that you know the Lord
Have you been blessed with God’s Salvation
If you’ve not then I have the answer for you
That will bring you much Joy and Jubilation

Recite these words before God now or
In some church or a Messianic Synagogue
But if you’re doing it as you’re reading this
Please let me know by writing on my blog

Just accept Yeshua as Messiah in your heart
And ask forgiveness for every one of your sins
If you profess this you’ve receive Salvation
It’s a time when your renewed life begins

If you‘re declared this before God now
You can still do it in a church or in
A Messianic synagogue because they’ll
Be blessed knowing you’re free from sin

You’re like a new born with much to learn
First I suggest you read a complete bible
You’ll learn quite a bit and it shows you
All things in life for which you’re liable

I‘m leaving you this message in good cheer
Telling you that you no longer have to fear
Once you’ve received the Lord’s Salvation
God is walking with you He is always near

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