Thursday, February 19, 2015



Is it o. k. to ask you a personal question
Are you having some emotional stress
I’ve got just the answer that you need
That will help get you out of this mess

The only answer is to turn to God but
Not in the way you’re used to today
The Lord is Echad or One is plural
Consider this fact when you pray

The fact that I’m relating to you is that
God is the Father Son and Holy Spirit
If you seek the salvation of your Soul
You most assuredly need to hear it

God came to earth in the form of a man
A virgin’s birth in the form of His Son
Who sacrificed His Cleansed blood for us
To believe in this your Salvation has begun

Profess Yeshua as your personal Messiah
Confess and ask forgiveness of your sins
You’re now a new creation in God’s Eyes
And on this day your renewed life begins

Now getting back to the original problem
God hears your cry through the Holy Spirit
Ask Him in prayer and the Lord will listen
And although He Listens and He Hears it

All of these things are done in God’s Time
So just keep on praying for what you need
God’s Holy spirit will give you the answer
And it may not be what you think you need

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