Thursday, February 12, 2015



The Lord our God is slow to anger
He also said the He’s Very Jealous
You shall not worship other gods
For Him you need to be zealous

Show it by preaching His Word to those who
Don’t know God and the ones who’ll hear it
So that they will be eternally blessed as well
Through the Power of God’s Holy Spirit

If you feel that you’re unable to convict them
Just point them towards my email address
As just one of the Lords millions of Vessels
God’s Holy Spirit will take care of the rest

To the Jew who God declared as His People
And also to the Gentiles who are grafted in
The declaration of faith that they swear to
States that they’ve been forgiven of all sin

Accepting Yeshua as Messiah is a part of that
His Blood Sacrifice cleansed all of your sins
Becoming one of God’s Creations born anew
Right then is where your renewed life begins

Yet you’re like a child that starts kindergarten
There’s much to learn you’ll never be through
God will lead you to that place of still waters
Praise and Exalt Him is what you need to do

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