Thursday, September 4, 2014



Did you know that most Jews don’t
Ever read the book of prophets
If they did they’d have a yearning to
Continue and read the New Covenant

Because the Tenach or Book of Prophets
Was written to Jews by Jewish Disciples
What is it like to know Jesus or Yeshua
It’s exciting breaking down Spiritual walls

What’s going to take place is awesome
In heaven to talk to Him face to face
For a Christian it’s an even bigger blessing
Already knowing what finally takes place

They’ve been grafted into God’s Tree of Life reaching
Heaven like Jewish Believers when they passing away
No more sickness pain or strife for then to contend with
But eternal life and the willingness and freedom to pray

 Constantly praying to and Praising God the Father
Who’s the creator of mankind and heaven and earth
The blessings that we’ve been given in our lifetime
We as God’s Children know exactly what they’re worth

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