Thursday, September 11, 2014



This poem is dedicated to the men and women
Who lost their lives on the 11th of September
 It was a horrific day in modern history
Which most Americans will long remember

The cowards who were responsible for this disaster
Were Muslim fanatics who must have been insane
And although we still mourn for those we have lost
We must make sure that this doesn’t happen again

This day has brought the citizens of our great nation
Who live from border to border and shore to shore
To a patriotic fervor not unlike the one
That we had seen so many years before

Make no mistake for their leaders
Will be caught and punished too
If it is not by us then by the Lord our God above
For His is the final judgment of what all of us do

Just know that through the memories
And as a way to help get past the pain
That one day when we ascend to our eternal rest
We’ll see those friends and loved ones once again

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