Tuesday, September 16, 2014



The poems that I’ve written and put on my blog
Over the period of about the last three years or so
Have come to a point that I may need to repeat some
Unless the Lord may give me a new one to show

Yes I have written a number of other poems
But don’t feel that they’re for your eyes to see
For even though you might enjoy my thoughts
These are poems that are quite personal to me

In each of the poems with a Spiritual connotation
All that you read is whatever God does Provide
The only real credit for them that I can take is that
I’m able to write them down correctly side by side

To all who view my blog for the very first time
It’s often written to the unsaved Gentile and Jew
Because every word has been given to me by God
I’m doing exactly what He’s commanded me to do

To those of you who have read my poetry blog previously
I’d ask you to go back and reread the poems over again
Rereading them may give you a different perspective or
Perhaps you just might enjoy reading them right then

To this end I’ll stay faithful and obedient to all that God asks
And pray that He’ll keep these words flowing from my pen
I hope that you’ll bear witness and be in agreement with me
As I ask the Lord to let it be so by my declaration of “AMEN.”

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