Thursday, September 18, 2014



I have at least a dozen poems on my desk
That I’d like to be able to use on my site
The problem is that I can’t read my own
Writing for everything to turn out right

I’ve prayed about it many times and
The only answer that I’m able to get 
Is that God said to ask my wife for help
It will be something that I won’t regret

Many of you may know I’m legally blind and
She proofreads all of the poems before I post
After the Lord as you can see she’s the one
Person that I can depend on daily the most

And if she’s not able to read my handwriting
I think that the Lord is saying to just let it go
Even though they came from the Holy Spirit
These words may not be relevant to know

So if we’re unable to figure out all of the words
Even though they come through the Lord Above
All the other verses that the Holy Spirit gives me
Are put there for you to read with God’s Love

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