Thursday, July 31, 2014



All Jews whether Messianic or not and also the
Majority of Christians in the world today
Know Israel is fighting Hamas to defend
Against any tyranny that comes their way

What many people fail to realize however
Is that all these terrorist are just a tool
A tool of satan to destroy God’s Chosen
Thus making the Lord look like a fool

For one thing this is never going to happen
God is Omnipotent and the devil will never be
The Lord called Israel the people He chose
Which is written in stone throughout eternity

There can only be one ending to what’s going on
When the Lord returns with a mighty sword.
To cast the devil into the deepest darkest pit
Some day in the future that we’re looking toward

We all know this will only happen in God’s Time
But it can’t hurt to pray for Messiah’s soon return
And with everything that’s happening on earth today
It’s something that people in today’s world yearn

In the meantime believers have a task at hand to
Show those who don’t know the Truth of God’s Son
How He Alone is the Salvation of everyone’s Soul
And through His blood the victory that was won

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