Thursday, July 31, 2014



If I were to tell you something outlandish
Would you take my word or check it out
This is another way to approach Salvation
And finding what God’s Truth is all about

I wrote this mostly for Jewish unbelievers
But it still applies to the Gentiles as well
Are you willing to investigate this further
The Lord sees this as an easy way to tell

Do you just observe the High Holy Days or
Are you content being Jewish just by birth
Where’s the pride that comes from knowing
Just how much this blessing is really worth

There’s an alternative which you may consider
Many Jews don’t read the Old Testament at all
If they do they don’t read the Book of Prophets
Because if they did they’d see God’s done it all

Most Jews would say that the New Covenant was
Specifically written with the Christian’s views
Not so they were grafted into God’s Tree of life
It was written Specifically to the Jew by Jews

Now that I’ve ruffled your comfort zone a little
Are you willing to look into what God has to offer
God will guide you through this simple process
Releasing all doubts and fears so that you won’t suffer

God sacrificed His Only Begotten Son so that
Your sins would be cleansed for eternity
If you profess Yeshua as your Messiah
He will cleans your Soul of all iniquity

Here’s the moment of truth my brother or sister
Are you content to languish in the world today
Or want to move on to a better brighter future
If so these are the words that you need to pray

Dear Lord I ask your forgiveness for all my sins and
Accept Salvation from Yeshua as my personal Savior
Since I now know God’s Truth and it has set me free
The worlds will see a change in my personal behavior

Now that you’re another of God’s Creations born anew
You can help lead other lost souls that have gone astray
May the wicked ways of satan’s world today be damned
Within the love of God’s Holy Spirit is a much better way

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