Sunday, March 25, 2012



These words from the Lord came to me

His truth came through the Holy Spirit

Telling me to write what He commands

For those who want and need to hear it

I openly profess that I’m a zealot for the Lord

Who is seated at Father God’s Right Hand

I’m blessed to share the truth of His Light

In the hope of making people understand

Only Yeshua has fulfilled

What had been prophesied

Preaching God’s Word and healing

Up until the very day that He died

For God so loved the world that He created

That He chose to sacrificed His Only Son

As the ultimate and final Sacrificial Lamb

His blood cleansed the sins of everyone

In three days Yeshua rose again

And to His disciples He did say,

“Tell all that want to enter God’s Kingdom that

Only through Me is the Truth Light and Way .”

Then before He returned to His Father’s Side

He said, “One day I will come back for all

And lead God’s People to New Jerusalem.

From the East I will come at the shofar’s call.”

So while we’re waiting on that blessed day

You need to profess your faith in Messiah

When you take this magnificent leap of faith

Your soul will be filled with a burning desire

Have a desire like me to spread God’s word

So that all can share the joy of God’s Love

And you will share the blessing as have I

From the Lord our God who is far above


It would appear as we start getting older

We seem to develop more pains and aches

But with God’s help we will get through it

It doesn’t matter how long it takes

God never promised us a rose garden but

What He said was that He’d lead you to

God also said that He’s right there beside you and

Whatever the problem He would get you through

Sometimes the pain may be so severe that

You question God and begin acting out

Just keep feeling that blind Faith in Him

Because it eliminates any shred of doubt

Yeshua gave up His life for us

Could we have done the same

Thank God we still draw breath each day

Say, “Hallelujah, Bless God’s Holy Name."

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