Sunday, March 11, 2012


The Lord gave me a me a blessing
For reasons that only He can know
He said to love and cherish her and
Our love of God will always grow

It’s been a little over seven years
Since the day that we were wed
The vows we took before the Lord
Still move our faith full speed ahead

The seconds minutes hours days that
We’ve been given to extol God’s Glory
Will go on for many years to come
But by no means does it end the story

This process will keep going on and on
Even past the day of Messiah’s return
For those that know Him have eternal life
A gift from God that we all need to yearn

Because of who we are in Him
God blesses us in so many ways
And He’s given us a heavenly mansion
As a reward for the rest our eternal days

All that it will take is for you to make a choice
You still have the time to make the right one
That will get you into heaven one day too
To abide with God the Father and His Son

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