Friday, June 12, 2015



I write the words that I receive each time
No matter what hour they’re given to me
The one thing I’m most certain of is that
They’re sent by God to help set you free

God allows me to take the credit for these words
He gives me what it is that He wants you to read
The main reason that I’m revealing this to you now is
Because God only gives you what He knows you need

I receive the words through the Power of His Holy Spirit
And all who accepts the Lord receives that very same gift  
The blessing comes to each one of us in all different ways
So that we can spread God’s word in ways that will uplift

God also gives me the ability to put them into poetic verses
Occasionally I write a poem that’s not just for you to read
God wants you to follow through on what has been written
Other times I’ll write them just to comfort or to fill a need

Where you take these words is all in your power
The Lord has given you that freedom of choice
He may even repeat the request quite frequently
Until you see He is right through that inner voice

For those of my readers who don’t know the Lord
There’s an important question God wants me to ask
Reading of how God wants you to get to know Him
The question He’s asking you is are you up to the task

If so I urge you to read both Covenants of the bible
It has answers to questions that you ask every day
If you’ll remember that God alone is your Salvation
He in His Mercy will always point you in the right way

Lastly if I can be of any further assistance to you
Please respond to this blog and let me know how
I urge you not to put such an important thing off
Since you’re on the computer go do it right now

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