Friday, June 12, 2015



I muddle my way through the internet
Looking to reach anyone that I can
There’s a reason that I have to do this
And it’s also a part of God’s perfect plan

Every time that I reach out to others for help
It’s primarily because of my lack of sight
My poetic ministry is for the unsaved in the world
And to those who are down to make them upright

I pray that what I’m asking for here
Won’t wind up falling on a deaf ear
When I write verses and ask for input
 It helps for future works you see or hear

I am but one of many of God’s Vessel
That He’s asked to do different things
Some to help however they’re needed
Others for the joy that Salvation brings 

I believe that my poems cover all of this
Doing it without the slightest reservation
Please respond when I ask for your input
And do it without the slightest hesitation

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