Sunday, March 31, 2013



Have you ever thought about some Friends
Or perhaps acquaintances from the past
Where they are now or are they still alive
Or what was the reason that it didn’t last

I believe that I may know the answer
And perhaps you will agree with me
The situation is always in God’s Hands
Because the Lord controls your destiny

God know you needs and what you don’t and
That’s why people come in and out of our lives
Some of them for a moment some for a lifetime
Some even returning if the right time arrives

It’s possible that God may have thought
That this wasn’t where you needed to go
Perhaps the memory was bad or painful
It’s something that we may never know

The one thing that I’d ask if I saw them again
Is how they are and just where they’ve been
But I’d still be eternally grateful to the Lord
Because He allowed them to come back in

What I’m saying is that these many thoughts
May often wander in the portals of your mind
Remembering the past is probably a good thing
Especially if the ones you may have lost you find

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