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Besides this week’s 2 poems which are below this. The Holy Spirit told me that it was important to pass on the following message to my viewers:

With one of God’s Commanded Festivals (Passover) approaching at the end of this month, it is important that my readers, whether they are Christian, one of the 3 major Jewish Sects, an Atheist, Agnostic or anyone else who doesn’t know or want to know about my faith.

I am a Messianic Jew. We live our lives adhering to scripture from both the Old and New Covenants.
We are Jewish and Gentile Believers, who worship Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) together the same way
that He worshipped Father God, by observing Torah, observing all of God’s Commanded Festivals and
living a Jewish lifestyle.

For the many Jewish people who view my site that say that I’m not Jewish because I worship Yeshua,
(The Hebrew Name that Jesus was given at birth) I would respond by saying that I was born a Jew, I will
die a Jew and there’s nothing they or anyone else can do to change that.

Although the Lord gives me word to pass on in verse, I am not a biblical scholar who can quote specific chapter or verse from either Testament. (Primarily because I’m visually impaired) My Poetic Ministry attempts to put them to practical use.  I will give you references to scriptures or books in the Old Testament which proves that Yeshua is the Messiah that some other Jews just say, “No Way!” to, but refuse to check out the biblical references that are provided. Over 65 years ago, the Orthodox & Conservative rabbis even denied His existence. (About the same time that they pooh-pooh Reformed Judaism, which is still around. Years later these same rabbis called Yeshua a Prophet, but not the Messiah. (It took a while, but at least they started to peek out of their blinder.)

Messianic Judaism does not refer to the cross other than to call it a tree, because we worship a Risen, Living God, a part of the Trilogy of the God Head, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit which is the Lord living in us. Contrary to popular belief, Yeshua was not born in a stable or manger but in a cave, which is where the animals were kept. He was not born on Christmas Day. This was a day declared by the Roman Emperor & Pope, Constantine. It is as good a day to celebrate it for Christians as any other, but because we do not know the exact date, as Messianic Jews, we do not celebrate it. Also biblically, as shown in the modern calendar the Sabbath is from Friday at Sundown through Saturday at sundown.  Also Resurrection Day does not necessarily fall on Easter Sunday, (another of Constantine’s edicts.) We celebrate all of the Sabbaths and Holy Days according to the Jewish calendar, which is governed by the phases of the moon. (lunar calendar) Thus Resurrection Day can fall on any given day of the week following Passover**********(more data)

Facts as I know them:

Yeshua was and is a Jew. The Jewish people are the apple of God’s eye, even though throughout the bible they disobeyed God, He would always forgive them & give theme more chances. Any Christian, who thinks otherwise needs to read through both Testaments. Just like your own child that may have done bad things. You wouldn’t disown them

First, both Covenants were written through God’s instructions to the Jew by Jews. In the New Covenant the Gentiles would be grafted in to God’s Tree of Life.

Following Yeshua’s death, Messianic Judaism evolved and was called “The Way.” It not only included Jews, but Gentile as well, whose previous belief had been to worship idols or pagan gods. Eventually they far outnumbered the Jewish Believeras and that was the beginning of Christianity. Those Jews who still believed would wind up worshiping in the church. Messianic Judaism reared up again in the late 1800s but didn’t really evolve until around the 1970s into where it is today and growing steadily all over the world.

Here are some other prime examples: Although I won’t quote you chapter and verse, If you’re curious or just want to prove me wrong, look them up on Google!

In the Old Covenant, God said that the only way to forgive sin was through a blood sacrifice. With the temple destroyed, there was no place to do this anymore, but Yeshua was the only perfect lamb who led a sin free life and His sacrifice would cleans the sins of those who believed in Him and received Salvation to absolve their sins.

Most everything that was foretold in the Tenach, (Which God gave to his Jewish Prophets after the Torah), was fulfilled and was written down through God’s input by Yeshua’s dispels in the New Covenant. The ones that weren’t fulfilled will be when the Lord returns.

If I’ve got your attention read Jeremiah, , Isaiah, Micah, Hosea, Joel Daniel and others in the Tenach  as well as some references in the Torah to see these foretelling of these prophesies.

After all that I’ve just written, either you’ll check this out or try to disprove it to me. Either way I’d like to have a dialog with you through my blog comments or my website. Blessings in Yeshua, Joel

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