Sunday, March 10, 2013



Getting God’s Word out to the world
Has not been the easiest thing to do
I do my part as one of God’s vessels
Going the rest of the way is up to you

Whenever you profess Yeshua as Messiah
You’re not spouting any meaningless word
Like me you are a vessel in your own way
To spread God’s Good News to be heard

Perhaps you’re not adept at doing this just yet
That’s where other vessels such as me stand in
You can lead them to me or others you know
To help rid the ungodly of the world of sin

The reason that the Lord wants so many vessels
Is not because He cannot do this all on His own
God wants to show the blessing of His Salvation
Through you so His truth and love may be known

Show them through the Old and New Covenants
One which leads into the fulfillment of the other
This is one of many ways that God shows us how
We’re connected as a Spiritual Sister and Brother

Here is another suggestion that you may want to use
If you’re trying to lead others to Salvation in the Lord
It will show them the faith and the strength that we have
And that those who believe are of one Spiritual accord

Every one of us is a child of God’s Creation
Through Him you can trace your family tree
Profess your love to Father God who made you
Then you will know God’s Truth that set you free

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