Sunday, September 18, 2016



For years I was highly medicated
I had taking pill after pill after pill
I was baffled why there were so many
Not knowing what made me so very ill

I did not have a strong belief in God
Then a friend said that I should pray
And come to a Messianic Healing Service
It just so happens that there is one today

While I was waiting for my turn
I felt a presence come over me
It felt like I had been consumed
By something that I couldn't see

When the rabbi laid his hands on me
I knew exactly what I had been feeling
The Holy Spirit of God had consumed me and
Told me that there was about to be a healing

This miracle that God had performed
For I’m now free of many pills and pain
Has given mer an entirely new outlook
I'll never doubt the Lord my God again

The Son of God gave His Life for me
He said that by His Stripes I'd heal
I thank the Lord for this awakening
Now I serve Him with zest and zeal

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