Saturday, June 18, 2016



As a child I went on fishing trips
Most of them were with my dad
At that point in my life it was
The greatest time I'd ever had

Before dad would let me fish all by myself
He taught me how to use the rod and reel
That I would know if I had one on my hook
Because It's something that he said I'd feel

I sat there waiting very patiently but
My nervous stomach churned inside
I felt a jerk and quickly reeled it in
Unfortunately it was just the tide

I cast my line out once again
With all of the utmost speed
When it yanked again I pulled it in but
I had hooked clumps of thick seaweed

Once more I cast into deep water
By now I really didn't give a hoot
The next time that my line came up
I had hooked a size eight army boot

I was just about ready to give up
So I reeled it in and to my dismay
There was the biggest fish I'd ever seen
The largest one that was caught that day

The one thing that I learned from this
Is that no matter what gets in the fray
Be patient it will work out in the end
The goal that you seek is on the way

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