Thursday, November 5, 2015



I’m going to give you several examples
That are written in Old Testament
And some that are written in the New
To change your mind and set a precedent

We know that God formed the earth
And created both woman and man
You need to understand that this is proof
That whatever God wants to do He can

They may not be in chronological order
But none the less these facts are true
Fact one the Red Sea did not part itself
The walls of Jericho falling is fact two

When the boy David slew Goliath
Or the flood saving Noah in the ark
Only God made these things happen
They didn’t just happen on a lark

 Do you see what I’ve written so far
This is what these facts say to me
So why couldn’t God put His Seed into Miriam
Who gave birth to Yeshua who set our sins free

What about the miracles that Yeshua performed
Like when He calmed the sea or His water walk
Only through God could this happen
It has to be much more than just talk

Admitting that these had to be acts of God
I’m asking you to walk in faith that is blind
Seeing these things that God makes happen
Profess Yeshua as the Messiah of mankind

I once felt just the same way as you
Because I took the rabbi at his word
Just like many who wear blinders
He passed on what he had heard

In the fifties some of these things would change
The rabbis finally admitted Yeshua was a Jew
But for reason known only to them and God
They would not accept Him as Messiah too

There are so many more facts that you need to know
Like the prophesies in the old that the New fulfilled
Only through a blood atonement are your sin forgiven
Yeshua is the only Perfect Lamb whose blood was spilled

Just because the second temple was destroyed
Does not mean that now sin does not exist
God never changed these words that He spoke because
He knew satan would make things too hard to resist

All I’m saying is what have you got to lose
He’s either Messiah or a man who was mad
In Messiah Yeshua you’re still  completed
As your understand more it will make you glad

I can not force this blessing on you
But I know if you profess His name
See the facts and use common sense
I guarantee you will never be the same

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